The creative team of TAKE ME is seeking investors and creative partners to help develop the musical further. If interested, please get in touch to learn more.


Produced to great acclaim by Chicago’s Strawdog Theater in 2019, TAKE ME is a world premiere musical by Mark Guarino featuring all-new original songs by Jon Langford (The Mekons).

Inspired by true events, TAKE ME is the story of Shelly, a woman trapped by the trauma of a husband in a coma and the chaos that follows. Her disintegrated mental state translates into the conviction that her husband and missing son have been abducted by aliens.

To seek answers, Shelly enters the realm of wild conspiracy theories. She joins an alien abductee support group led by Travis, a Nashville country songwriter who has been traveling through space writing songs on the behest of the aliens he serves. Voices that Shelly believes are aliens tell her the answer to all her problems is to build an amusement park in Roswell, N.M. that will serve as a connector to another dimension.

Shelly, a former architect who walked away from her job after her husband’s tragedy, uses her professional skills to build a model of the amusement park (Area 52) that eventually “comes to life” through her imagination. She enters this magical world seeking answers but ends up getting one she didn’t anticipate from the beginning.

TAKE ME is a comic fantasia that also represents the second collaboration between Guarino and Langford since their hit play ALL THE FAME OF LOFTY DEEDS. It is a story about having faith in a world where there are more questions than answers.

Original Cast:

Nicole Bloomsmith as “Shelly”
Carmine Grisolia as “Travis”
Kamille Dawkins as “Doggie”
Michael Reyes as “Matt”
Loretta Rezos as “Mother”
Matt Rosin as “Father” 
David Gordon-Johnson as “Doctor”
Megan DeLay as “Nurse”
Kristen Alesia, Ensemble


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