What Chicago Critics Said About TAKE ME

“You could see the show as science fiction. Or you could see it as a meditation on grief and loss.

In its best moments … the show reminds me of Bowie’s Lazarus, a show that made no sense to me whatsoever until I found out that Bowie was dying and this was his meditation, his fever-dream, on how to cross over to the other side. In some ways, TAKE ME is a very prescient musical: I’m convinced we’ll soon be seeing far more explorations of interplanetary dreaming, born of environmental necessity.”

-Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune


“You’ll find plenty here to merit a trip to Strawdog: At times, I was tempted to close my eyes, getting lost in the Bowie-esque longing you can find in these lush and potent melodies, true and vital feeling hidden in pastiche … the score deserves to be more widely heard.”

Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“This show has charm and imagination to spare.”

Chicago Theatre Review

“Lawfer keeps the energy high and the interactions truthful.”


“An infectious rock score and impressive vocal talents.”

New City Stage

“TAKE ME dares to dig into its darkness … It has a laser-focused first act that ends with a bang, and a second act with constant twists and turns on an emotional roller coaster.”

Chicago Theatre Triathalon

“When audiences walk into Strawdog Theatre’s space for TAKE ME … you might just feel like you are entering a completely new universe. Perhaps in a world that is increasingly full of doubt and conflict, a musical like TAKE ME is precisely the kind of lesson we need.”

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